We offer our clients a choice between drift boat and power boat guided trips. We clean our boats daily and provide top quality tackle to ensure a positive fishing experience. The smallest details, such as, the right knots, the best line and the toughest rods and reels are of great importance to us.
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Rivers & Fish
Kenai and Kasilof Rivers
Without exception, the Kenai is the greatest salmon river in the world, with the credits to prove it.  A 97 pound, world record King Salmon was wrestled from its waters in May of 1985.  The river sports two major runs of kings and also hosts three other species of salmon, not to mention Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout in excess of 20 pounds.  The icy emerald waters of the Kenai originate in the Harding Ice Field and flow through Kenai Lake on an 82 mile journey to Cook Inlet.  The versatility of offering drift boat and power boat allows us to fish the entire river.  We also have the Kasilof River at our convenience, just minutes away.  With a 2 king limit on the Kenai: 1 per day or 2 per season, the drift boat allows us to fish the action filled Kasilof, where 3 more kings can be taken: 1 per day or 3 per season.  The Kasilof, just south of Soldotna, has the highest success rate for King salmon on the Kenai Peninsula.  We've had clients hook and release over 7 Kings in an eight-hour trip.

60 lb Kenai King July 2003

The Catch .... King Salmon
Besides the beauty, scenery, and wildlife, the Kenai River has one thing no other river in the world can claim; the expectation of hooking a fish of 70 lbs or more.  The power of these fish is amazing and the excitement is contagious.  The kings come up the river as early as April and continue to run till July 31.  The Kasilof is a great river for action.  These kings don't get as big as the Kenai kings, they average around 20-40 lbs.  Fishing this river is an excellent way to round off a Kenai Peninsula fishing trip.  Fishing the Kasilof will pick up your spirits when the Kenai has been slow.

Kenai King, July 2003 55 lbs

Red Salmon
The water actually boils red when the reds reach the river.  We can show you where and how to get this stubborn fish to bite, and take you to holes where the only person next to you is your partner.  The red salmon is a real prize for the table.

Silver Salmon
The fierce fighting silver comes up the Kenai almost unnoticed until the second run begins in late summer.  These hardy fish average 8 to 14 pounds and the big ones run over 20 pounds.  The Kasilof also gets a good run of silvers and between the two rivers there is great silver fishing action from early August through October.

Rainbow Trout
June 15th starts the rainbow season.  This wild fighter could go 17 pounds or more.  These are not hatchery trout, and they are an absolute thrill to catch with line stripping runs and acrobatic leaps.  To keep the integrity of the Kenai Rainbows, they are strictly catch and release.